About Me

There are many skills on God’s green Earth I have yet to master: I can’t hem a pair of pants, I can’t cook the perfect salmon, and I can’t for the life of me find the perfect eyeliner. But I bet I can find a tutorial on YouTube that can help.

So I decided, that before I walk through the gate of my fourth decade on this planet, I’d like to rid my body of 40-plus pounds, with the help of YouTube.

My name is Christina, and I’ve done this dance before. I’ve seen highs and lows, and my most successful journey through weight loss began in 2010, when I had a few things going for me that helped: time, quasi-disposable income, and a free gym membership at an über-convenient location.

Then in 2013, I changed jobs and locations, thus saying goodbye to my free, convenient gym AND a great, outdoor space to run, bike, etc.

Then in 2014:                                                    And in 2016:

Anniversary cover erotic city

So, you can say I’ve pretty much lost all three attributes that made maintaining a healthy lifestyle manageable for me. So here I am again, searching for a way out of the cocoon that carbs, sleep deprivation and low energy built.

In my “fitness journeys,” I learned many things about me: 1) I need direction. I can’t work out on my own without a plan. I get overwhelmed and give up. 2) I hate eating the same meals for weeks on end. Breakfast and snacks I can do, but I need to change things up for lunches and dinners. 3) I need to make myself accountable, or else I’ll gain 10 pounds in 6 weeks (that actually happened).

What better way to meet all three objectives than using YouTube and blogging about it? I will attempt a week-by-week tally of workouts and meal plans I find on YouTube, give a review, track my progress, and if possible give an approximate price tag of each week (food purchased, equipment, etc.) And, of course, I will include links.

So here goes nothing, and thanks for reading.


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